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Thermal Heat Holder Socks -Test Drive

Hi! I am Sam the Operations Director for The Sock Keeper. I am responsible for the day to day operations, supply chain and product buying. This week as the cold weather drew in, I set out to test drive our Thermal Heat Holder socks.

To do this I ventured out ice skating at Hampton Court Palace (@palaceicerink)

Now, if any of you are seasoned ice skaters, you will know that thick, warm socks are a must! The reason for this, is to avoid the skates cutting into your feet and ankles and to keep you warm on the ice.

Did you know contrary to popular belief, we actually lose more heat through our feet than anywhere else on our bodies (according to Otago University physical education professor Jim Cotter). Feet play a huge role in body temperature especially during our sleep. When feet become cold, pain receptors are triggered making us feel uncomfortable. So warm socks have an obvious benefit.

Unfortunately I was wrapped on the knuckles for trying to take pictures whilst on the ice so we will make do with a picture of my feet in the car park!

At first glance, these socks look thick, really thick and sport a stylish Nordic design which feels all wintery just looking at it. They come in three main colours (Blue and Grey, Purple and Bright Pink, Pink and Grey). I chose the Purple and Pink as it matches both my leggings and boots. These socks are also available in knee high versions.

Okay, lets get to the main review. These socks feel very thick but not uncomfortably thick. My shoe size is 5.5 and my winter boots (Timberland Berlin Park 6 Inch in Pink) are a size 6, so there was a little wiggle room to allow for the thickness of the socks. Inside, these socks are incredibly soft. It feels like walking on clouds, they don't slip or move around when I'm walking and I hardly notice I'm wearing them, apart from the warm, cosy feeling of course.

On the ice, they did a great job stopping the ice skates from cutting into my feet, in fact I didn't even feel the top of the skates or the thick plastic tongue digging in as they usually do.

Post ice skating we had lunch and walked around the palace for an extra hour or two and despite the freezing temperatures, my feet felt warm, comfortable and fresh throughout the entire day.

In conclusion, these socks fulfilled their purpose and more, I refused to take them off when we got home and even wore them to bed!

Interested? you can buy them by clicking on any of the links in this blog which will take you straight to the product page.


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