Vegan Socks by Talkie Socks 

Are you looking to make an impression with your new found sock swag? If you are then look to the refreshing new brand that is Talkie Socks with their vast new collection. If you are a vegan and proud of it then why not show off your vegan lifestyle to the world on your feet.

The Talkie Socks logo is printed on the foot of the sock. The print on the leg is covered in vegetables and fruit such as peppers and lemons. The sock also has the word ‘vegan’ printed across the sock enough times so that people will certainly know that you are a vegan. If you are struggling to find you vegan friend or family member a gift then this is perfect!

They are also made out of breathable cotton and are cotton rich with a content of 70% cotton 28% nylon and 2% elastane. Unlike some other design socks, Talkie Socks also focuses on comfort. They also have a handlinked toe to decrease the irritability of the toe seam, not only making your feet swaggy but also happy.

These socks are available in a size 4/8 UK 37/42 EU 5-9 US and they are available to purchase in a one pair pack. They are also safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

Talkie Socks
70% cotton 28% nylon and 2% elastane
Handlinked toe
Size 4/8 UK 37/42 EU 5-9 US
One pair pack
Machine Washable

1 Pair Mens / Ladies Novelty Vegan Socks

SKU: bbb4de43

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