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Sock Keeper Hoodie

Hello again!

I was wondering what to review this month, stockings, gifts, novelty socks, there is so much choice. Then as if the cosmos could hear my calling, the cold weather brought some snow...then some more! We all welcomed it's beauty and the opportunity to do something other than home school or work. However, once you have been outside for a certain period of time, the cold starts to creep in. So I thought, well this is the perfect opportunity to test drive our Sock Keeper hoody, not once but twice to see how it holds up after going through the wash cycle and some serious wear and tear (maybe a few snow ball fights in between too).

Firstly, these hoodies feature a brushed lining that feels warm to the touch but not itchy or uncomfortable. They fit well, not too baggy, not too tight either. Just enough to fit a t-shirt and vest comfortably underneath. I soon discovered that was one layer too many as this hoody traps the heat well, warm enough for this cold snap without causing that excessive sweating you get with some hoodies.

The look of this hoody is both sleek and stylish, screaming simplicity and elegance. Pair with Fabletics Mila high-waisted leggings or a pair of next jersey denim leggings with an oversized coat for a modern look or as a #jumperdress for a fashionable spring look.

This hoody washes well with no bobbling or losing the shape (as long as you follow the care instructions). The pattern stayed in tact and the brushed lining was just a soft as when brought new.

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Unknown member
Mar 22, 2023

Very cute. I love the design and the color.

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